Puppy Heaven: Designing a Dog Bed For Breeders

Puppy Heaven: Designing a Dog Bed For Breeders

Dog Bed Research

We embarked on a mission to craft the ultimate doggy throne, and guess who we teamed up with? A dog breeder extraordinaire! I mean, who better to consult when it comes to the art of comfy canine lounging? They practically have a PhD in Poochology!

So, what did we uncover in our grand quest? Drumroll, please...

Doggos are bed connoisseurs! It's not just a piece of fluff; it's part of their life's curriculum from day one. But, finding a dog bed that lasts? Well, that's like searching for a unicorn in a doggy park. Most dog beds on the market have their quirks:

  1. The cover is practically un-washable, and drying it? Good luck!
  2. Giving it a bath? Not so easy.
  3. The bed insert turns into a moldy, stinky mess.
  4. It seems to have an uncanny ability to soak up accidents.
  5. Sometimes, Fido just gives the evil eye to his bed.
  6. Bed vs. kennel? It's like fitting a square peg into a round hole.
  7. And the grand finale – the dog bed's flimsier than a house of cards!

Our trusty breeder buddy had a collection of dog beds that looked like they'd been through a tornado. Half of them had more holes than Swiss cheese, and they all smelled like a perfume store gone wrong. Cleaning? She practically staged a mini-Olympics in her kiddy pool just to tackle the cover.

Most Dog Beds Don't Last

But fear not, dear friends, we swooped in to tackle all these bedeviling issues! The beds we gifted to our breeder pal are still standing tall, odor-free, and in tip-top shape. Our motto: If it works for a dog breeder, it's practically doggy gospel for the everyday owner.

Follow the link to learn more and build your dog bed today. 

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